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Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…The ART of the FORM

I suppose Freud would have a field day with this one.

Why is it that the outline of suspension bridges 'speaks' to me?

It's something about the parabolic form. The distribution of weight and tension.  Sets my heart racing.

In one weekend, Kimmer and I crossed the Queensboro, Brooklyn, Verrazano, Throgs Neck, George Washington, Kosciuszko and Outerbridge Crossing.

All the time, I found the images so powerful that I tried to work them into my portfolio of designs.  It's a chandelier. It's a sculpture.  It's a window treatment.  It's a floor plan.

Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…COLOR

IF you are like me, the first thing you notice when you walk into a room is COLOR.

How is it that some spaces are rendered beautifully whereas others appear to miss the mark?

Well, Designers have learned to take their cues from Nature.

Take a look at the flower.  It's not just orange.  It is layer upon layer of tones of orange; subtle shades which, when combined together, produce a visually appealing effect.

So it is with each of the Designer-rendered spaces in these thumbnails.