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Layering and Texture

Savvy Designers know two key ingredients to making any space beautiful:  Layering and Texture

I learned a valuable lesson when participating in a Design Competition a number of years ago.  Our concept was this:  you had 59 minutes to decorate an empty  Soho Loft.   Five Talented , Hungry Teams competed and Jamie Drake and Bunny Williams were among the selected panel of Celebrity Judges.  We were  provided with the same selection of furniture, lighting and accessories.  In the immortal words of Tim Gunn:  “Make it Work”.

We didn’t place First.  Why?  Our landscape didn’t Layer.

Layering.  It means be conscious of how and where you place the items in your room.  A truly successful ‘landscape’ will have purposefully arranged items from small to high as you transition through the space.  It’s so pleasing to the eye.