Therese Interior Design

collaboration is the key to design

Our Philosophy

ikebanaDo you know who the first interior decorator was?

An out of work actress with an over-the-top sense of fashion and savvy business acumen.

She put her name on a business card, passed it around to her eclectic set of friends and redesigned their digs.

I find the ‘mystique’ that surrounds interior designers and decorators amusing. I’ve been told,

“Oh I would love to have an interior designer come to my home, but I can’t afford one.”

“I’m too embarrassed to have a decorator see the inside of my home”

“I don’t want to be judged”

“I have small children and pets and they will just ruin anything nice.  I’ll wait until they grow up and move out and just live a miserable existence until then”

First, let me clearly state, we don’t judge.

Beauty can always be enhanced and nourished.  We  see beyond the space to its overall potential with your dream in mind.

Our design clientele hails from all walks of life and that is exactly how we like it.

I do not have a signature style as I believe one’s space should be a reflection of who you are at a particular point in your life.  Therefore, our designs run the gamut from traditional to transitional to modern.

At Therese Interior Designs, we adhere to our classical training which focuses on  harmony, balance, scale, and proportion…we then throw color and style sense in for fun.

At  the end of our design time together, your space will provide you with serenity and happiness every time you step foot into it.  So let’s make the world more beautiful one space at a time…and let’s start with YOU.