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Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…PRIVACY

Today’s Client is PRIVACY

Jack and Jill are Teachers. They live and work in my neighborhood. They are also my Design Clients.

People, by their very nature, are voyeuristic . They love to glimpse inside the private lives of others. Sneak a peek beyond the drawn window shades, so to speak. This becomes even more pronounced when your Clients are considered ‘high profile’. So when Jack and Jill invited me into their home for our design consult I was taken aback. How is it that such a happy go lucky, ‘popular’ couple are, in reality, so guarded ?

It’s simple.

They don’t want to be exposed.
They don’t want to be judged.
They don’t want to be critiqued.
They want the right to choose who they invite into their Home.
They relish their sancutary where they can retreat from the insanity of the outside world.
They want to be protected.
Then again, don’t we all?

As sincere, genuine and truly soulful Jack and Jill are; unfortunately, some of the neighbors are not.

As Designers, it is paramount that our Client’s privacy is protected…and should be safeguarded at all costs.

I have been approached at social functions and asked, “So who are you Designing for?” “Do I know them?” “What are they like?” “How do they live?” “I’ve heard they have no money” “I’ve heard their house is a hot mess.” “I heard their marriage is on the rocks…”

It goes on and on.

Looking stupid and acting mute generally does not halt this rude behavior. In fact, it incites more. Go figure.

So I have learned to respond to such rude remarks by simply stating, “My Design Clients are private – we don’t divulge who we are working for nor what we are doing inside their four walls.”

Makes for very small cocktail talk – but I can live with that. Happily, so can Jack and Jill.