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Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…Scale and Proportion

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an interview and photo shoot for Newsday’s LI Home cover page “How Big How High How Bright…Rule of Thumb for Room Décor” January 16, 2015 with my professional Design Cartel Colleague, Adrienne Kessel. (Adrienne Kessel Interiors, Port Jerfferson, NY)

We had a blast.

Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time there was a house. It had great bones. Strong architectural detail. But it was tired. Old. Outdated.
It yearned to be so much more. It wanted to be a Home.

Once Upon A Time there were Children. Teenagers who needed direction, love, guidance, and understanding.
They had bones. Now they needed Wings. They Searched for acceptance. They searched for a Home.
They found Nassau Haven.

Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…PRIVACY

Today’s Client is PRIVACY

Jack and Jill are Teachers. They live and work in my neighborhood. They are also my Design Clients.

People, by their very nature, are voyeuristic . They love to glimpse inside the private lives of others. Sneak a peek beyond the drawn window shades, so to speak. This becomes even more pronounced when your Clients are considered ‘high profile’. So when Jack and Jill invited me into their home for our design consult I was taken aback. How is it that such a happy go lucky, ‘popular’ couple are, in reality, so guarded ?

It’s simple.

Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…REPURPOSE

To me, that meant ditching the old to make way for the new. I had no clue.

As an Interior Designer, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Client M on her Guest Bedroom renovation. M taught me the true meaning of Repurpose. It’s more than recycling. It’s about finding another purpose for an object of true worth. I suppose you could liken it to Reincarnation.

M loves cutlery and over the course of time has accumulated quite a complete collection of knives, forks and spoons.