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Lessons Learned in the Land of Design…REPURPOSE

To me, that meant ditching the old to make way for the new. I had no clue.

As an Interior Designer, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Client M on her Guest Bedroom renovation. M taught me the true meaning of Repurpose. It’s more than recycling. It’s about finding another purpose for an object of true worth. I suppose you could liken it to Reincarnation.

M loves cutlery and over the course of time has accumulated quite a complete collection of knives, forks and spoons.

God Bless M. She can’t dismiss an object with true worth. So what to do with all this silverware?  M Repurposed.

When walking through M’s Garden, I was moved by the sound of wind chimes fashioned from repurposed spoons.

Then there was the delightful gurgling of the watering can fountain… …and the baby’s bed transformed to an herb garden… Genius

Repurposing is so much more – It takes a creative spirit to find the true essence of an object’s worth

So, when M asked me to redecorate her guest bedroom, My eye immediately went to the vintage Quilt on her iron bed which I knew was a sentimental favorite of hers. We had some of the original material left… So let’s Repurpose!

Custom made quilted cornices.

Cornices not only complement the bedspread, they make the room appear larger as they are mounted to ceiling. Plus they make M smile every time she walks into the room!

I challenge you in these challenging times. There is no need to spend lavishly on items you can’t afford in order to achieve the ‘Designer Look’.

  • Visit your second hand consignment stores
  • Visit your local thrift shops
  • Visit your own Home!
  • Find quality items and reimagine a new life for them
  • Every new beginning is only one imaginative Repurposing away...