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Art as it relates to You

Selecting Art  and trying to find the ‘right’ Art for your space can be intimidating.  Let’s stop right there.  There is no right there is no wrong.  Unless it’s dogs playing poker.  That is so very wrong on so many levels. 

Consider this:  Your Space should be a reflection of You.  So select  Art which  speaks to you. Happily, today there are so many affordable venues to creating your own Art that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to achieve the ‘look’.

Nature speaks to me.  Modern speaks to me.  Modernism is all about bringing the outside in.  So I opted to sparingly adorn my walls with Art that reflects Nature.  My brother-in-law , Bill, is my daVinci. Bill loves to travel and he takes his camera along.  Early on our Family came to realize that Bill takes beautfiul pictures.  His close-up images of nature speak to me.  I asked him if he would Snapfish canvas a few for me for Christmas and my Birthday.  He did and they now comprise my stairwell Art Gallery.  Each image has a story behind it which is lovingly tied to the travelling adventures of Billand my Husband.  When I look at them, they make my heart smile.

They also make my Family smile because they were affordable.

So there you have it.  Select Art which speaks to you.  It can be a favorite childhood memory or the siloutte of a full moon or a recent travel adventure.  Let it touch your Soul.

…and steer clear of card carrying canines.